Michael Barrymore's career took a downward spiral in 2001 after the body of Stuart Lubbock, 31, was found in his swimming pool. He was subsequently dropped by ITV from their roster and other offers dried up soon. Now, it looks like the actor's career is getting a second wind.

Production company Antenna Pictures first broke the news on 12 March by posting a photo of the actor along with Game Of Thrones star Tom Brooke. The former Strike It Lucky host later confirmed his return to television with a message on Twitter. "Brilliant second day filming with Tom Brooke. Never mentioned 'Game Of Thrones' once...class act, an a really nice guy. I'm knackered!" Barrymore wrote.

As fans started to ask for more details, the 64-year-old opted to remain tight-lipped, but said that the new project was a sitcom. "If you liked Bob Martin, this one will be right up your street," he told one Twitter follower, adding to another that it was "a natural successor to that".

Barrymore played the lead in Bob Martin, a story about a troubled daytime game show host.

His official comeback is not the only thing keeping the My Kind Of People actor busy. Following the discovery of Lubbock's body in his pool after a party at his Essex mansion in March 2001, Barrymore was arrested on suspicion of rape and murder, but later released without charge.

The news of the incident allegedly had a "devastating" effect on his career, and the TV performer is now suing the police for damages amounting to £2.5m ($3.04m).