Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones
Daenerys Targaryn in Game of Thrones HBO

Game of Thrones fans, on 25 June, were subjected to something a lot more distressing than witnessing shocking deaths of their favourite characters on the show – a news alert from a BBC app saying, "No nudity in latest episode of Game of Thrones!!!"

BBC News Alert
BBC News Alert

The long breaking news alert left users confused and many took to Twitter to share this update. However, BBC soon apologised for this erroneous message via its BBC News feed on Twitter late Wednesday saying:

Some British websites initially suggested a hacking attack. However, the UK public broadcaster on another Twitter feed, AboutTheBBC, reacted to one post by saying: "Not hacked, but glad you're an avid follower of our app."

Following the false news alert, BBC obviously became a punching bag for users on Twitter. Here are some funny Twitter reactions on the erroneous update: