Sophie Turner
Sansa Stark, played by Sophie Turner, is known for covering her modesty in less revealing gowns unlike Daenerys Targaryen and Margaery Tyrell HBO

She is best known for playing naive Sansa Stark on Game Of Thrones but actress Sophie Turner has revealed that she has the HBO series to thank for her sex education.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine, the 19-year-old actress, who has been on the show since she was 14, admitted that by the time her mother wanted to have the 'birds and bees talk' she already knew everything.

Recalling their conversation, she explained: "I said, 'This isn't necessary, I know everything. I know every single thing that a person can do — and more'. The show is very inventive."

The star said that things got even more uncomfortable when her father visited her on set for the first time, and she was preparing to film an attempted gang-rape.

"It was horribly awkward. My dad just didn't know this scene was going on, he just thought he'd turn up. We were like, 'Oh bad day, Dad'," she said.

"I think in the beginning [my parents] were [shocked] — there were so many sex scenes in the first series — but after that they got used to it. They knew it was a good quality show."

Meanwhile, Turner, who reprises her role in season five which premiered in the UK on 13 April, admitted that she dreaded the idea of her character being killed because she had grown attached to Sansa.

"I would miss Sansa," Turner said. "I love her. She's half of me and I'm half of her. I've grown up with her. I really feel what she feels – I probably know her better than I know myself."

She added of her five-year role: "Every scene has been a crying scene for me, it's been very emotional."

Turner previously revealed that her alter ego adopts a new shrewd and manipulative nature after escaping King's Landing.

"Despite being a prisoner again, she plays it out very differently this time compared to before," she said. "She tries to take command and begins to manipulate the people who are keeping her prisoner – which is nice."