Game Of Thrones season 6 is inching closer to its finale, and multiple theories about the plot of episode 8 No One have emerged suggesting Arya Stark's fate in the HBO fantasy series.

In episode 7, Ned Stark's youngest daughter fails to assassinate Lady Crane and as a consequence, Jaqen H'ghar allows Waif to kill her. However, he also asks her to give the Stark daughter a "humane" death. But the Waif, who holds a grudge against Arya, does exactly the opposite and stabs her repeatedly.

In a bid to escape death, Arya jumps into a canal and is later shown wandering in a market of Braavos with blood dripping from her stab wounds. Her fate will remain a mystery until episode 8, with the title hinting at an Arya-centric episode.

But before viewing the episode on Sunday (12 June), here are some fan theories about Arya's transformation into No One and her relationship with her arch rival Waif.

Game of Thrones season 6
Arya Stark was stabbed by the Waif in episode 7 YouTube Screengrab/HBO

Arya is Waif:

Though this sounds extreme, some fans believe that Waif is the alter ego of the Stark daughter. A Reddit thread has laid down a few logical facts, concluding that the Waif only existed in Arya's mind.

Here is what they have to say.

According to the Reddit thread, Arya drank the water after entering the House of Black and White and since then is suffering from dissociative identity disorder and has the vision of the other girl who has only one mission in mind — to kill Arya; this could mean killing the inner Arya and transforming into No One.

Jaqen wearing Arya's face to test the Waif:

Another crazy fan theory suggests that it was Jaqen (wearing Arya's face) who was stabbed by Waif and the former was actually testing her. He had previously told her to give Arya a death without suffering but Waif did the exact opposite and stabbed her in the gut multiple times before she jumped to safety.

The theories sound way beyond the limits of the plot and Arya's real fate will only be revealed in episode 8, which will air on Sunday (12 June) 9pm ET on HBO. Previously, Bran Stark and Lady Stoneheart's theories surfaced on the internet and it remains to be seen whether any of the assumptions come true.