English actor Kit Harington has confessed to having some pretty bizarre pre-show rituals. Best known for playing Jon Snow in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones before being killed off in season five, the 29-year-old actor has now taken his talents to the London stage.

Currently starring in Doctor Faustus at Duke of York's Theatre, the star has divulged his obssessive habits before appearing onstage.

Speaking about his unusual superstitions in an interview with the Evening Standard, Harington said: "At the moment, I have a crucifix in my dressing room which I kiss three times, plus I eat three Haribos, and take three swigs of water before I go out on stage."

The star, famed for his long scraggly hair, also revealed he had a "shoe fetish", which he indulges at Fiorentini and Baker in east London and said he loves having friends round for a "big old barbecue". He said: "My signature dish is a coq au vin. Not on the barbecue though, that would be a disaster."

Before his rise to international stardom on GoT, Harington won the role of Albert in the National Theatre's adaption of War Horse, and garnered a great deal of recognition after the play won two Olivier Awards.

Harington, who lives in Angel, north London, made his cinematic debut in 2012 as Vincent in Silent Hill: Relevation 3D, and his first major lead role in a feature film was Milo in Pompeii (2013), but he is famous for his role as Snow in the critically acclaimed show Game of Thrones.

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