Game Of Thrones season 6 returns with an all-new episode on 8 May, which will pick up immediately after Jon Snow coming back to life, thanks to Lady Melisandre's powers. Episode 3 is titled, Oathbreaker which will air on 8 May at 9pm EST on HBO.

The official synopsis of the episode reads as follows:

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Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk

The promo for the episode opens with Jon Snow waking up and all of the Castle Black people are shocked to see him alive. Then, someone says, "They think you are some kind of a God." Indeed the Knights Watch are considering Jon as some kind of God, given that he was resurrected and that he is being called the Lord Commander. Kit Harrington himself has promised a changed Snow in the season ahead.

Meanwhile, Arya Stark who was last seen struggling in Braavos, will continue to battle the Faceless Men, personified by Jaqen H'ghar. In the promo, he tells Arya, "If a girl is truly 'no one', she has nothing to fear."

The promo shows Ramsay Bolton – who stabbed his father and fed his mother-in-law to the dogs in episode 2 – asking someone, "Why have you come to Winterfell?" As a man replies, "I have got a gift for you!" The episode is also likely to feature Dragons, who were released by Tyrion in the previous episode, as the promo shows Daenerys being taken to the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen in Vaes Dothrak.

To know more about Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Daenerys's future keep watching Game Of Thrones season 6 that airs on Sundays on HBO at 9pm EST.