USA network has officially released the premiere date and plot description for the next season of Suits. Season 6 of the legal drama will premiere on 13 July at 9pm ET/PT and will pick up immediately after the events of the season 5 finale, when Mike Ross turned himself in and headed to jail.

While Mike will be confronted with the harsh realities of life as a prisoner, Harvey Specter, Rachel Zane and Donna Paulsen will be seen dealing with the fallout at Pearson Specter Litt and trying to rebuild it.

Here is the official description for Suits season 6 released by the network:

Executive producer Aaron Korsh previously told TV Guide about Mike's life in prison in season 6 and how his decision will affect Pearson Specter Litt firm.

Korsh said: "We're going to pick up not long after the events of the finale. You saw they got back and everyone was gone. Our current plan is to pick up with an episode that takes place throughout the first night of Mike being in prison and everyone at the firm finding out everyone's gone and them figuring out what to do and how to adjust to life in their new situations. "

Speaking about the upcoming season, the producer said: "It's hopefully going to be a different episode of Suits, but still with some emotional turns and hopefully a surprise or two. I know people might not believe this, but even though Mike's in prison, the trial being over means there will be more humor next year. At least on the firm side of things, most of the drama is gone."