Game Of Thrones season 6
Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones season 6 HBO

HBO has stepped up its fight against YouTube channel "Spanish Spoiler" which carries full-fledged discussions on each episode of the network's mega hit series Game of Thrones thus promoting the spoiler culture. Some of the channel's videos are now being pulled under copyright claims even though they do not have any direct video from the unaired episodes.

Typically, videos can only be pulled down from YouTube if they have related videos or even images of copyrighted content. In this case, however, the network is alleging that the channel in the garb of predictions and theories ends up leaking the content of the unreleased episodes two days before the air date.

Spanish Spoilers blocked
The YouTube channel is showing blocked YouTube

The channel's description states: "I cannot put spoilers for the 3rd episode of the 6th season of Game of Thrones, because HBO forbids it. But we can always count predictions, theories, and make analysis of what will happen. And who knows, maybe guess everything."

But predictions and theories have been there since the show started, so why target this one channel. This is because the YouTube Channel operator who has a Reddit account by the name Frikidoctor claims that an inside source from the crew of the series sends him e-mails leaking snippets of the plot.

"The truth is I never know when I will receive the info I just find it in my email when the source is are able or wants to send it, so I´m as nervous as everyone else, and checking my email several times per day," replies Frikidoctor to a Redditor who asks him where he gets his information from.

It's hence not a co-incidence that his predictions have matched the storyline for the last two episodes of Season 6 of the show and possibly even the third one. In fact, the Spanish Spolier seems to be aware that he will be pulled down one day but does it as it has become a hobby for him.

"I don´t want to risk my source. This is a hobby for me, so it ends when YouTube bans me forever or when it stops being entertaining, or someone has to pay the consequences," he says in another reply.

HBO has been heavily chasing down leakers, spoilers and even discussions that may leak the plot of the sixth season. Last season the network had handed over some copies of a few episodes to select members of the press. Later, the episodes became available on torrent sites just days before the official broadcast. This time it seems the company is not taking any chance.