With Jon Snow crowned the King of the North, House Stark has regained its foothold in Winterfell. But there could be a flip side here: The undead are coming and what seems happy as of now, could turn into the beginning of another chilling trail of horror – not only for the north, but for the Iron Throne in the south as well.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk

The White Ravens have already sent the message of the arrival of winter and rumours are rife that the Long Night – a winter season that lasts for an entire generation – is upon the Seven Kingdom. GoT fans are aware that it is during this time when the Night's King gets stronger along with his army of the undead. They will proceed to attack humans and the prolonged dark season will help them reach the south to King's Landing.

A three-year-old fan theory has resurfaced now over the internet hinting at a major role for Jon Snow in defeating the White Walkers in the final two seasons.

A Reddit post predicts some interesting theories regarding the fight and how Jon Snow will emerge as the saviour of mankind from this upcoming period of doom. Although the theories made no sense at the time they were posted, they hold credibility now, especially after Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon became the three prime characters (according to show producers David Benioff and DB Weiss).

Here is what theRedditor had posted:

According to the prophecy, the world would need a hero to fight darkness threatening the livings and save them from extinction. In order do that, the mythical figure Azor Ahai (a legendary hero from the tales from Asshai and spoken of by the followers of R'hllor) will return and forge the magical sword, also known as the Lightbringer, to fight and destroy the White Walkers and their king.

Game of Thrones season 7
The Winter has finally arrived in Winterfell and rumoured to bring doom for King's Landing HBO

The archived post claims that the entire prophecy is a metaphor and that Bran the Builder was the original Azor Ahai and Winterfell is the Lightbringer. Bran the Builder was the founder of House Stark who remained in the North to fight the Others and created the Wall and the Night's Watch to protect the living.

If predictions are to be believed, Snow, who has the blood of both ice and fire (having being sired by Rhaegar Targaryen and born to Lyanna Stark), is the Azor Ahai and Winterfell is his weapon against the White Walkers. We have already seen Jon's valor during his fight against the Others in season 5 and the chilling smirk on the face of the Night's King while waking up the dead as Snow and his allies sailed across the river.

"Lightbringer has to be forged three times, breaking twice. First, Lightbringer is forged in water, but shatters. This has already occurred. Theon Greyjoy (water) held Winterfell (Lightbringer) and tried to wield its power, but the sword shattered," claimed the post and this has already happened.

However, the user also predicted some parts of season 6, wherein Ramsay Bolton was defeated by Snow. Despite Ramsay not being a lion (Lannister) the prophecy "tempered by driving the blade into a lion's heart. It broke", also makes sense after the Battle Of The Bastards.

He further claimed that the Mother of the Dragons and Snow, now the King of the North, will fall in love and by the series finale their love will suffer betrayal which at the end, will fulfill the final prophecy of forging the Lightbringer.

"I believe two of Dany's dragons will have died by this point of the invasion and she will be left with only Dragon (Drogon), the last child she will ever have (since she is barren): Dragon = her soul. Dany will be Nissa Nissa and Jon Snow must bind her soul (Dragon) to Lightbringer (Winterfell) in order to fight back the Others," the Redditor claimed.