Game Of Thrones season 7
Both Cersei and Euron's claim to power in Game Of Thrones has been on the basis of merciless killing youtube/HBO

If there is anything that won't come as a surprise to Game Of Thrones fans in season 7, it is war. From what we know of the storyline so far, every king and lord in Westeros needs allies to win any battle and retain thrones. One such alliance was teased by fan site Watchers On The Wall (WOTW), and if the report turns out to be true, this team-up might have a major implication on the plot from here on.

According to WOTW, the Greyjoy darkhorse – Euron – will be reaching out to Queen Cersei in the King's Landing with the proposal for an alliance, in season 7. Whether this is a romantic or political team-up, hasn't been revealed by the sources, but the very prospect sounds like a conflict is in the offing.

Speaking of conflict, it seems the first character to fall prey to the power-hungry Euron's tactic would be none other than his kin who have escaped — Yara and Theon Greyjoy.

As per the report, one of the Greyjoy siblings will be captured by the new king of the Iron Islands. Fans will remember, Yara and Theon were last seen sailing across the Narrow Sea to team up with Queen Daenerys in a bid to defeat their crafty uncle, who killed Balon Greyjoy.

During the siblings' visit to Meereen (in season 6 episode 9), the Iron Island scions had revealed some useful information to the Khaleesi that in a way seemed to be shaping Daenerys' decisions in the upcoming season. After Yara spilled the beans on Euron's plans of wooing the Stormborn queen, clearly the Khaleesi doesn't seem to be interested in marrying the Greyjoy ruler.

Game Of Thrones season 6 featured Daenerys Targaryen's voyage across the Narrow Sea youtube/HBO

In such a case, the rumours for season 7's alliance only make sense, as the next major ally for Euron is the stone-hearted Queen Cersei, who just blew off an entire town in her quest for the crown. Apart from the Greyjoy duo, even the Sand Snakes are rumoured to be threatened by the pirate-turned-king of the salt throne.

While the season 7 spoilers give certain direction to the plot further, it still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Will it be Theon Greyjoy, who is captured once again? If not Euron, who will Daenerys form an alliance with? And most importantly, who will fight the first battle in season 7 of Game Of Thrones?

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