Last time we saw Daenerys Targaryen in the closing scenes of season 6 of Game Of Thrones, she was with her fleet, that was taking her army across the Narrow Sea. Quite naturally, fans of the popular HBO series expect the Khaleesi to land in Westeros, as she continues with her plans of conquest of the seven kingdoms.

However, a new report teases that the Targaryen Queen may be heading straight for Kings' Landing – the city currently under Queen Cersei's rule.

Does this mean that there will be a quick succession of power with the Stormborn dethroning the Baratheon/Lannister ruler?

Before getting into the plot speculations, here's the piece of news that has fuelled the rumours. According to the GOT fan community site Watchers On The Wall, Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, will be visiting the Dragonpit when she visits Kings' Landing in the upcoming season.

Interestingly, the fan site speculates that the showrunners might be using the Ruins of Italica found in Santiponce, Seville in Spain, for the filming of the Dragonpit scenes.

Besides this new plot speculation, the site also noted that Game Of Thrones season 7 might once again feature some Riverrun scenes after the actions of the last season between Blackfish and Jaime Lannister.

As per sightings, production activity has been spotted in Corbet – a small village in Northern Ireland – that was earlier the spot of shooting for the siege of Riverrun storyline.

Judging by this information, especially Daenerys' visit to the centre of Westeros, could it be possible that the Mother of Dragons is planning a siege of the city? Tell us in the comments below.

History of Dargonpit

The Dragonpit is linked the Targaryen family – the family who controlled Westeros, until Jamie Lannister slew the 'Mad King' Targaryen.

The Targaryens ruled over the country because they bred dragons to lead their military forces – creatures no-one in Westeros could battle.

In his series of novels, A Song of Fire and Ice, George RR Martin describes the Dragonpit as the place where the dragons were held captive.

Although the structure was destroyed after the Great War, which followed the slaying of the 'Mad King' Targaryen, its remains are still on a hill near Kings' Landing.