Adrian Bailey
Adrian Bailey, 72, MP for West Bromwich West was attacked by up to 6 hooded assailants at around 10pm on Tuesday (21 February) in Crampton Street, SE17. Adrian Bailey / Twitter

A Labour MP was left bruised and "badly shaken" after he was mugged by a gang of teenagers as he made his way home from Parliament.

Member for West Bromwich West, Adrian Bailey, was near his home in Southwark, South London, when he was attacked by up to six hooded thugs at around 10pm on Tuesday (21 February).

The 72-year-old said that one of the gang jumped on his back, before another thug attacked him from behind, forcing him to the floor.

When he asked for help from someone he thought was a passer-by, this turned out to be another mugger who helped steal the MP's phone and wallet.

One of the gang even threw a carton of milk at the MP's head during the attack which he escaped with just some "bumps and bruises".

Bailey told the Mail Online that he estimated there was six attackers - three who assaulted him and then three others sealing off the area.

"I noticed there were some youths around. I started to walk across and heard some talking behind me someone passed me on a bike and they went to the end of the path and at that point I realised they were blocking the exit," Bailey said.

"I heard running footsteps and then someone dived on my back. I threw him off and was grappling with him when somebody else jumped on me and I went down then.

"I shouted and somebody came running. I hoped it was somebody to assist but in fact it was yet another person in the gang. They held me down and got my phone and wallet.

"One of them picked up my shopping and took out a plastic carton of milk and smashed it over my head. Then when they got what they wanted they made off."

Bailey, a grandfather-of-one, added that they gang were aged between 15 and 18 and were directed by a smarter individual leading the rest.

"When the lad first jumped me I tried to wrestle him off and wondered whether to give him a good punch but the somebody hit me from behind and I went down and I saw somebody else come and I thought – you are 72 you are waiting for a hip replacement, you are not going to come out of this OK against three young lads. Just play it as cool as possible," Bailey added.

Bailey, who is a former chairman of the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee, returned to work this morning and praised the Metropolitan Police response.

A spokesman for the force said no arrests have been made and enquiries continue.