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"Genshin Impact" 3.4 update is still a long way off and, understandably, developers are not saying much about it at this point. Thankfully, the lack of official announcements did not stop leakers from sharing what they know about the upcoming update such as its release date window, character banners, and other exciting additions.

'Genshin Impact' 3.4 release window speculations

At the moment, there is no official announcement about the "Genshin Impact" 3.4 update release date. But based on the 3.3 update's release date on December 7, 2022, which will run until January 17, 2023, the 3.4 update will most likely be released around January 17 or 18, according to

'Genshin Impact' 3.4 banners

"Genshin Impact" leaker SaveYourPrimos predicts that update 3.4 banners will see the release of Alhaitham. The upcoming 5-star character is known to be a wielder of the Xiphos' Moonlight sword and a Dendro Vision. Unfortunately, HoYoverse is yet to reveal Alhaitham's abilities.

According to speculations Alhaitham will be joined by Yaoyao and a Xiao rerun. Meanwhile, Hu Tao and Yelan will make their appearance once more in Phase 2 of the "Genshin Impact" 3.4 update.

'Genshin Impact' update 3.4 to introduce skins for Ayaka and Lisa

Another exciting rumor brought by leaker Uncle DD stated that the next characters to receive their own skins will be Ayaka and Lisa. According to the leaker, Ayaka will have a school uniform-themed while the 4-star Lisa will receive a Sumeru-style skin.

Sumeru map update

The main POI of the "Genshin Impact" 3.4 update is the Sandstorm, which is divided into three subregions. Travelers will be able to explore the Inner, Middle, and Outer sections of the Sandstorm, which are detailed below.

Gurabad City
Eremite Black Market Camp (Accessible through a fissure)
Sand Ruins
Sandworm Boss Cave
Aranara Cave
King Deshret Cave
God of Wisdom Cave
Kusanali Cave
The Scarlet King's Cup Cave (Boss Battle Arena – most likely tied to a World Quest)
Eternal Oasis
Ruin Golems
Grass Dragon Cave

"Genshin Impact" version 3.4 update will add a new World Boss, a deadly Sandworm found in the desert region. To battle the massive creature, Travelers need to enter the Sandworm Boss Cave.