Video released by the Burke County Sheriff's office in Georgia on 2 March, shows a dramatic face-off between a cashier and would-be-thief at the Keysville Convenience Store in the Georgia county.

CCTV shows the thief later identified as Christian Dakota Thorton coming up to the cashier named Bhumika Patel to buy a drink. After he pays for it, he pulls a gun from his pocket and points it at Patel.

Patel bats Thorton away with her hands. He then attempts to grab the cash box from the register, she promptly pulls it back from him and smashes him over the head with it. Patel also slams Thorton into the counter several times, the video ends with the Patel grabbing a hammer and chasing after the would be thief as he runs out of the store.

The Sheriff's office stated that Thorton was later arrested and charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during a crime.