New harrowing details have emerged of the final seconds from inside the cabin of the doomed Germanwings aircraft just before it crashed in to the French Alps.

Audio footage recovered from one of the black box recorders on board the Airbus A320 recorded the noise of scrapping metal, as the plane's wing struck the rocky mountain.

German tabloid Bild reported on the footage, which came at the end of the 90 minutes of recordings from when the flight left Dusseldorf airport.

Also on the tape is the sound of alarms going off in the cockpit around co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, as he steadily flew the plane toward disaster.

A robotic voice is also heard warning: "Terrain. Pull up" as the Alps loomed large, the flight having sunk to 16,400ft - less than half the normal cruising altitude.

In the background can be heard the captain screaming from behind the cockpit door at Lubitz, who ignores shouts to "open the damn door!" All 150 people on board the Germanwings plane were killed in an apparent murder-suicide by Lubitz.

Bild newspaper said the footage concluded with scrams from passengers, who were seemingly aware they were in mortal danger. Being conscious of the impending disaster could significantly increase the size of compensation for relatives of the victims, reports said.

A forensic team of 50 experts was examining around 500 body parts from the scene. The grim task has been described as "unprecedented", with not a single body found intact.