WW II bomb
A defused unexploded World War II bomb found in Berlin last year. Reuters

Authorities in Germany's capital city have said that nearly 3,000 unexploded bombs from the Second World War still remain buried underground in Berlin.

According to a new estimate conducted by the Berlin senate, the number of unexploded weaponry was confirmed at 3,000, reported local newspaper BZ.

Despite the authorities not being precisely aware of the location of the 3,000 unexploded bombs, it is believed they are scattered over airports, railway network and factories since those were the targeted locations during the Second World War.

According to a police source, unless the bombs are disturbed, they pose little threat and do not require to be detonated. The exception is a bomb with a chemical fuse.

A total of 1.8m explosive weapons have been discovered in Berlin since 1945, however since a record number was dropped into Germany's capital at the closing of the Second World War, unexploded bombs continue to be found.

A total of 54 tons of explosives were discovered last year in Berlin.

Last June, an estimated 3,000 people had to leave their homes in the suburban city of Steglitz to allow authorities to defuse a 1,100lb (500kg) American bomb, reported The Telegraph.

More recently last December, some 10,000 people were evacuation from the city of Postsdam, located outside Berlin, when a 550lb (250kg) bomb was discovered.

Berlin's main airport was also closed to flights for half an hour last October after a bomb was found there.

Berlin bomb
Experts from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service stand on April 3, 2013 by a canvas sheet over a bomb that was found alongside the railway line in Berlin. The discovery of an unexploded 100-kilogramme World War II bomb unearthed near Berlin's main train station snarled rail and road traffic in the German capital authorities said. Gett Images