RalliSport Challenge, one of the first Xbox games
RalliSport Challenge, one of the first Xbox games RalliSport Challenge

Can people still have contact with their loved ones beyond the grave? Gamers on the internet are tearing up right now over a YouTube user's supernatural tale of rediscovering his father's spirit in an old Xbox game a decade after he passed away.

A PBS blogger asked YouTube users whether video games can be a spiritual experience for players in a recent episode of Game/Show, which looked at how World of Warcraft players formed "spiritual connections" while healing each other in the game.

One of the users responding to the YouTube video was user 00WARTHERAPY00, who commented that after his dad died when he was six years old, he had been unable to touch the Xbox console that his father had played games with him on.

However, recently he discovered that the RalliSport Challenge game had saved his dad's winning lap and would replay the video of that lap over and over again, even though it was a decade since the record was set.

The blogger wrote:

"Well, when i was 4, my dad bought a trusty XBox. you know, the first, ruggedy, blocky one from 2001. we had tons and tons and tons of fun playing all kinds of games together - until he died, when i was just 6.

i couldnt touch that console for 10 years.

but once i did, i noticed something.

we used to play a racing game, Rally Sports Challenge. actually pretty awesome for the time it came.

and once i started meddling around... i found a GHOST.


you know, when a time race happens, that the fastest lap so far gets recorded as a ghost driver? yep, you guessed it - his ghost still rolls around the track today.

and so i played and played, and played, untill i was almost able to beat the ghost. until one day i got ahead of it, i surpassed it, and...

i stopped right in front of the finish line, just to ensure i wouldnt delete it.


00WARTHERAPY00's story has gone viral, featured on numerous Chinese and German online gaming websites.

So far, 100 users have replied to his comments on the YouTube page saying how touched they are, and many users have also shared their own tales of loss, talking about playing games with dearly-departed fathers, brothers and sons.

YouTube user Peter Hövels commented: "I lost my son 2008, and we had a guild together in Lords of the Rings Online, his and my character got deleted when codemaster switched the accounts and I had to make a new character, so I really miss my son and his archer."