A three-year-old girl was rescued from a river after being dropped from a bridge in a suspected murder-suicide bid. Police were called to reports a 39-year-old man was stood on Crompton Way in Astley Bridge in Bolton threatening to drop a child into the river.

Specially trained police negotiators attended the scene and a plan was put into place should the child be dropped into the river.

The man did not respond the negotiations and dropped the girl 30ft into the water. An officer was already in the river and was able to reach the child shortly after she entered the water.

The girl was safely removed from the river was taken to hospital. She only suffered a broken wrist during the ordeal.

The man then also jumped into the river, but again officers managed into reach him quickly and pull him out. He sustained minor injuries and has now been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Greater Manchester Police's Superintendent Paul Savill said: "Thankfully the little girl will recover from her physical injuries, but the trauma she was put through is heart breaking. My thoughts are with her and he family.

"We have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder, he will be questioned by police at the earliest opportunity.

"We have a specialist team of negotiators who always try their utmost to resolve these situations without injury and get people the support they need.

"Sadly on this occasion the man failed to engage, however we had a second team waiting in the water to enable us to rescue the child within seconds of her entering the water.

"We will now ensure that the little girl and her family have all the support going forward, to help her make a full recovery."

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