India rape
Numerous rape cases in India have sparked anger and fierce debate over the safety of women Reuters

A four-year-old girl is fighting for her life in Delhi's Safdarjung hospital after being raped, slashed by a razor and left for dead. The girl was found "unconscious, naked and bleeding" close to the railway tracks near her home in the capital city's Kesham Puram area.

The girl was rushed to hospital after being found and is currently in the intensive care unit. She has suffered extensive injuries, including "torn" genitals. Doctors were also forced to perform a three-hour colostomy surgery on the child, as her injuries have left her unable to pass stool.

Delhi police have registered the rape case and a manhunt has been launched, but no arrests have been made. An unidentified officer said: "We have zeroed in on some suspects and we are keeping a watch. Once the girl recovers, we will be able to get more clues about the accused."

The girl's father said that his daughter had been lured away by a stranger offering sweets: "My father had returned from work around 5pm and saw my daughter playing in the house. He had to meet someone in the locality for work-related enquiries when she went out with her friends.

"We don't know when the girls reached the railway phatak [crossing]. A group of men are always drinking and playing cards there. The other girls now tell us that two men offered her toffees and biscuits. One of them picked her up in his arms and left."

The family searched for the girl for hours. She was found by a passer-by who brought her to her family, who rushed her to hospital.

Medical Superintendent, Dr Rai said: "She was brought with cut marks all over her face and abdomen, her vagina and rectum both seriously injured. We had to perform a three hour colostomy to provide an alternate opening for her to pass stool. Her colon will take time to recover and come back to normal functioning. A surgery to close the colostomy will be required later."

Delhi Commission for Women Chair, Swati Maliwal visited the girl in hospital and said that her condition is indescribable. She also criticised the Nirbhaya fund, which was allocated for women's safety and empowerment after the Delhi bus gang rape on 16 December 2012. In a Twitter post she said: "Every day we have a Nirbhaya in Delhi and the Nirbhaya Fund is lying unused."

She also wrote: "Pathetic. In 2014, only nine accused were convicted in Delhi in crime against women. Can you imagine! Tabhi to Delhi mei kisi ko darr nai hai. [That's why no one is scared in Delhi]."