The marriage of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen appears to be heading to a point of no return, but some fans see some hope that they may be able to work things out. This is because it has been claimed that the Brazilian supermodel had threatened to divorce the NFL star multiple times in the past, and they were always able to find a solution.

A source told TMZ that the seven-time Super Bowl winner had been in this situation before, and the problem was almost always related to his NFL career. This time, it has been widely reported that things came to a head after Brady made a U-turn on his decision to retire back in February.

Gisele was reportedly furious after her husband decided to return for his 23rd season in the NFL. She left the family home this summer just before Brady rejoined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the start of the current season.

However, despite the reports stating that this may be just another one of those fights, things appear to be different this time if it is true that they have both hired high-profile lawyers. The legalities surrounding the custody of their children and the division of their assets will be an arduous task, and various publications have been claiming that they are gearing up to start the process although nothing has been filed yet.

Gisele had openly spoken up about her desire to see Brady become more present in their children's lives, and he has acknowledged the same earlier this year. He agreed while speaking in a podcast that life does not stop just because he is busy with the NFL season.

The former Victoria's Secret model also expressed concerns for her husband's health, citing the long-term dangers of playing American football. It remains to be seen if they have reached a point of no return this time, or if they will still be able to resolve their issues.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen
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