Tarot cards foretold the fire (cottonvalent.deviantart.com)

A former glamour model is suing a London restaurant over a fire that broke out in its kitchen in 2010.

Sally-Anne Jones, 40, whose celebrity friends include Richard Branson and Katie Price, claimed she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a fire broke out in the kitchen of the Little Bay restaurant below her apartment in Battersea.

She said the fire had been predicted by celebrity tarot reader Valentin Borissov. Jones had picked out the "Tower" card, which foretells danger and depicts people jumping from a raging fire, from the pack.

She suffered nightmares after the reading and became convinced something dangerous was coming her way.

She was working in her flat above the restaurant when she saw thick black smoke coming from her central heating boiler and ran for her life.

She told the Evening Standard: "I was moving in circles with some big names and some quite important people before this happened.

"I don't feel in any fit state to make decisions in my life. It's not just the flashbacks and the fear, it is the devastation of the aftermath, not being able to work and sleep.

"I lost all my possessions but I also lost my relationship, and my confidence. It feels as if I have had a personality transplant. Some part of me has gone.

"People say to me, 'No one was killed and you didn't die', but I was getting engaged and that was my world. A fire like that is about what is left behind, you have to rebuild your life. My friends try to make me go out, but I just want to lock myself away."

Her lawyer said she had been diagnosed with PTSD and that the restaurant had admitted liability.

Peter Ilic, who opened the restaurant in 2003, said the matter was being dealt with by representatives of the restaurant's insurance company.

The fire destroyed the restaurant and the three flats above it. Firefighters rescued two people from a third-floor window.