Staff who work at Goldman Sachs in Japan are fighting back against their employers over - quote - the 'intimidation and harassment' they've faced.

Workers from the Toyko branch have formed an in-house union and their representative - known only as 'Adam Lee' - recently appeared before lawyers to state their case. He was sacked from his job as an IT Analyst as part of a rationalisation process.

Lee later told a reporter that the company turned tasty with staff whenever they refused to accept a redundancy offer, by accusing them of poor work performance. Goldman Sachs says it's negotiating with the union.

The saga's yet another kick in the teeth for the company. Greg Smith, a banker from their London office, bust the bank's code of silence barring employees from talking negatively about them wide open. He blasted it for being 'toxic and destructive', saying his colleagues frequently referred to clients as 'Muppets' in email correspondence. The firm is now on the hunt for such emails.