The Good Fight
The Good Fight starring Christine Baranski, Rose Leslie and Cush Jumbo airs on CBS All Access The Good Fight/CBS

The Good Fight season 1 finale – aptly titled Chaos – makes perfect use of circumstances of the chief characters to heighten the anticipation for the next season. Will Maia be prosecuted for her father's frauds? What happens to Lucca and Colin's relationship in the light of his new political ambitions? And most importantly, are Diane and Kurt back together?

Fans of the legal drama might have to endure a long wait before the show returns to CBS All Access with season 2 next year. Untill then, here are few teasers on what lies next in store for Maia, Dianne and Lucca as per the show creators Robert and Michelle King.

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Maia's future after the finale cliffhanger

In the aftermath of the Rindell scam, it is Maia, the young associate, who faces the brunt of her parent's illegal financial dealings. Instead of taking the plea deal that would have cleared Maia's name from the charges, Henry Rindell takes off from the country.

While the show picks up after the events of the first season, Maia's fate won't be revealed in the very first episode of season 2, as per Robert King.

"What you're always trying to deal with is make your main character an underdog, so we thought about this Lucca-Maia friendship and Lucca defending her and how difficult it is to be a new lawyer and also defending yourself," Robert teased. He added, "We have some of it plotted out, we don't want it to be like Cary Agos being arrested at the beginning of the sixth season of Good Wife."

Diane and Kurt are "officially back on"?

What make Diane and Kurt's mature relationship even more interesting are their unresolved issues. Despite living apart, the exes seem to be in perfect sync especially in moments of crisis – like what happened during the season finale. But does that mean everything will be fine between the estranged pair?

"They are officially back on – for the night. I would not assume anything of what it's going to look like in a year's time. They're trying to feel their way forward," Michelle told E! Online dishing about Christine Baranski's fate.

For eagle-eyed fans the reference to Will Gardener's death – in season five of The Good Wife – was hard to miss when Diane visited Kurt in the hospital. Explaining the connections, Robert adds, "Diane's last experience with hospitals was real darkness and there she is again, so it's alright that the audience thought that this was bad."

The Good Fight
The Good Fight season 1 finale titled Chaos aired on Sunday 16 April The Good Fight/CBS

Lucca and Colin's break-up

On one hand there is Lucca, the sharp and witty lawyer of the Boseman firm and on the other is Colin – the assistant attorney with political ambitions. Despite their differences and frequent banters, the two fall for each other during the course of season 1 but only to call time on their relationship at the end.

But if The Good Fight creator's words are to be trusted, "they're going to get back together because there's something in their personalities that are drawn together – in love or hate or compassion or disappointment."

"There is something in Lucca and Colin; they both see they're alpha dogs who are attracted to each other," Robert told Entertainment Tonight teasing the fate of their relationship. "The difficulty for Colin is he's been groomed by his family for politics and is that going to cause a problem for Lucca? They haven't given up on each other..."

With a jam-packed first season, The Good Fight has kept anticipations high and some burning questions unanswered. When the show returns next, fans would definitely be looking forward to some resolution and old characters from the original Good Wife series.

"The one we really want to try and get is Alan Cumming, because that's a story that could be continued on for years," Michelle said about potential new characters in season 2.