A good Samaritan who offered a lift in his car to a stranger became an unwitting getaway driver for a bank robbery in Columbia, Pennsylvania. Greg Kreiser kindly offered to give Shannon Eric Steckbeck, 50, a lift home – he had no idea what the felon was planning.

The pair met at a bar on Monday (30 January). Steckbeck told Kreiser that he had had too many drinks and was therefore unable to drive. Kreiser agreed to take him home as they were travelling in the same direction.

"Look, I go by the rules, I don't even speed. I try to be a good person and try to help people whenever I can," said Kreiser.

A few minutes into their journey Steckbeck asked to stop outside the Union Community Bank at the Columbia Shopping Centre. He went inside and returned shortly after. Kreiser continued driving oblivious to the fact Steckbeck had just robbed the bank.

After leaving the bank Kreiser dropped off Steckbeck a mile away from the shopping centre with Steckbeck saying he intended to walk the rest of his journey, Lancaster Online reported.

Kreiser continued his journey alone but became suspicious when police cars sped past him. "Now I'm getting a funny feeling," he said. He turned his vehicle round and discovered that they were headed towards Columbia Shopping Centre.

He followed them into the precinct and told officers exactly what had happened. Police were able to apprehend Steckbeck and called upon Kreiser to confirm his identity. Steckbeck confessed to the robbery, according to police.

"They told me they might not have gotten him if it wasn't for me," Kreiser said. "I'm glad I could help," said Kreiser, before adding: "Was I too trusting? Yep. Was I trying to do a good deed? Yep. Will I give a ride to a stranger again? Probably not."

Shannon Eric Steckbeck
Shannon Eric Steckbeck, 50, of York County, has been charged with robbery