The good Wife
Alicia and Finn's romantic chemistry to take shape in the finale? The Good Wife/Facebook

As 'The Good Wife' Season 5 progresses towards its finale, speculation of another major twist is buzzing round the corner. Will Gardener's shocking death is probably one of the biggest twists in television history which left fans in a state of disbelief and grief.

But show producers Robert and Michelle King assured viewers of good times ahead with a fresh approach to the existing storyline.

Entertainment website suspects a happier twist with the introduction of Alicia and Finn's romantic chemistry during the finale slated to air on May 18.

In an event organised by the show's producers, Julianna Margulies (Alicia Florrick) revealed an important spoiler: Alicia and Peter may be getting a mutual divorce.

"Can me and the Governor have a conscious uncoupling?" Margulies said during the event.

The statement made by Margulies coincides with the recent promo of episode 17 'A Material World' showing a major fight between Alicia and her husband Peter.

The Good Wife fans have always hated Alicia and Peter as a couple and were eagerly waiting for Will and Alicia's romance to take shape. But with the arrival of Finn (Matthew Goode), some feel good moments can be expected in the future.

In an interview to entertainment website show producers have teased Finn as the new romantic lead of The Good Wife Season 5 after Will's sad demise.

Fans must have noticed the heroic entry of Finn Polmar at the time of Will's death. Finn had even tried to cover Will but in return got bullet injuries. Will's last moments can form a romantic connection between Finn and Alicia, entertainment website kpopstarz suspects.

"He's Alicia's connection to Will's last moments, because he was there [in the courtroom]. He was with Will. And it turns out he was fairly heroic in covering Will. And Finn was hit a few times with gunfire because of that. So Alicia feels a connection there," Robert King told TVLine.

"Josh created a great jolt of male energy in the show. We wanted an equivalent jolt once we knew Josh was leaving. So no matter what way Josh was leaving the show, we knew we needed to get more male energy."

Robert also hinted at some crackling hot chemistry between Alicia and Finn in the upcoming finale. Fans can now get rid of the tissues and enjoy some fun moments with a bag of popcorns.

The Good Wife Season 5 airs every Sunday at 9pm on CBS.