The Good Wife
Alicia's still mourning Will's death. The Good Wife/Facebook

The Good Wife Season 6 will premiere in September this year and fans of the show are more than eager to know what will happen to their favourite character Alicia, who was seen emotionally drained after Will Gardener's shocking death.

The upcoming season of CBS's courtroom drama will focus on Alicia and her husband Peter Florrick's relationship while the former will be seen nursing a broken heart due to Will's sudden demise.

Season 6 will pick up exactly from where the Season 5 cliffhanger finale left off, that is when Alicia gets the proposal to contest for State Attorney.

However, Julianna Margulies, who plays the popular character Alicia, spilled some spoilers about her character's romantic life in Season 6.

Margulies, who won the Emmy Awards this year, told Zap2it that Alicia will get tougher in the forthcoming season of Good Wife.

"I love where they are going with [Alicia]," Margulies told the website.

"I think that is the luxury of doing 22 episodes a year -- we get to do a real slow development of where these people are and it is constantly peeling layers. So she's getting a little tougher and she's getting a drier sense of humor and able to take herself less seriously," she added.

She also said that it will be difficult for Alicia to move on especially after Will's death.

"I love how she's evolved. I really do. She could use a little more love in her life eventually, but the Will Gardner tragedy has to probably - it will probably be a while before you see her in the sack again, is my guess," Margulies said.

The Good Wife Season 6 will debut on 21 September on CBS.