The Good Wife season 7 will air its series finale on 8 May on CBS. There are a lot of speculations about how show creators Robert and Michelle King will justify the ending; Julianna Margulies have said that the finale will be 'bittersweet'.

"Its bittersweet. I mean, it's getting more and more bitter as we get closer to the end, but it feels right. It feels right to honor [creators Robert and Michelle] Kings' vision of how the show would end and it's just a hard hill to climb right now because we're all having such a good season. We're having such a fun time and I'm going to miss everyone. We're all going to miss each other," she told ET Online.

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As of now, Alicia Florrick is standing by her husband Peter during his latest corruption case as he awaits for the verdict. Episode 22 titled "End" will decide whether Alicia will remain a "good wife" and stay with her husband after the verdict or she will move on from all her personal mess and start a fresh life with Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan ).

While fans are expecting a happy ending for their beloved lawyer, Margulies have hinted a huge surprise in the finale. The show has already given a heartbreaking surprise in season 5 when the Kings killed off Will Gardner (Josh Charles).

"In perfect Kings fashion, I know there are some major surprises which I kept mum about. I haven't told a soul, not even my cast mates. I can't imagine it not being satisfying. They always say to me it's all about the education of Alicia, so I'm bracing myself for some harsh realities in that and also some great surprises," the actress told ET.

The Good Wife season 7 finale episode will air on 8 May on CBS in the US at 9pm EST.