More details about The Walking Dead season 7 filming have surfaced. Spoiling Dead fans have claimed that the infamous cliffhanger scene, from where the premiere episode of the upcoming season will pick up, is currently being shot at the studio.

"If you're looking to check out filming tonight, I'd probably go ahead and make other plans. They do not allow people to wait outside the studio," The Spoiling Dead Fans wrote on Facebook on 5 May. They also claimed that the scene will bid farewell to a beloved character in the first episode of TWD season 7.

"Word is that they may be finishing up that pesky cliffhanger. Yes, that means a beloved character could be filming their death tonight. Moment of silence for the wonderful talent that will be greatly missed, whoever it turns out to be," the post read.

In the season 6 finale, fans saw Negan lining up Alexandrian group members including Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Rosita, Carl and Eugene. But as the episode ended fans could only hear grueling cries of one of Negan's victim being thrashed with Lucille – his barb-wired baseball bat.

The end was highly criticised by fans as they would have to wait for months to know which of their favorite character had died. The reaction was so harsh that showcreator Robert Kirkman had to apologise to viewers and justify the "blackout" scene.

Meanwhile, executive producer Greg Nicotero has hinted that there could be multiple victims in the premiere episode. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he also teased Maggie's fate.

When asked whether there would be more than one death, he said: "There's a lot of great story ahead of us. Maggie didn't look so good when we wrapped up that episode — but nobody looked really good in those last few moments."

Nicotero also revealed that going forward, the dynamics of the plot will change and Negan's actions will hugely impact Rick.

"From Negan's perspective, Rick is just as culpable. Going into Negan's complex and killing people in their sleep is such a brazen move. And Rick doesn't flinch from doing what he needs to do to protect his group. So when Negan steps up and says these are the rules: We kill one of you, then we have our conversations. Those are their rules of survival — just like Rick has his rules. That's a fascinating dynamic to explore, and I know we're going to get deep into that," he added.

The Walking Dead season 7 will premiere in October this year on AMC.