ne of the major reasons why consumers purchase Pixel smartphones is the promise of timely updates. Moreover, every time a new Android version comes out owners are assured that they will be among the first to get the firmware upgrade. Google's hardware is marketed at a premium price point that would rival Apple's establish pricing strategy and shipped with cutting-edge features. Unfortunately, users are yet to receive the December and January security updates that will patch out vulnerabilities and fix some issues.

This prompted Pixel users to post their complaints online in the hopes that Google will take notice. Last month a tweet from @mezgarth asked the developers when the December update will be released. The company reportedly issued a response assuring him that it will not take long for the files to become available.

"We've started rolling out December security patch update and your Pixel phone should receive it soon. Updates are released in phases and you'll receive a notification once it comes through. Appreciate your patience," wrote Google. However it never materialised and after two weeks the user posted once again on social media about his disappointment, reports PhoneArena.

It seems the company missed the mark once more, which is worrisome for other Pixel users who rely on regular patches to keep their smartphones safe from online threats. Analysts weighing in on the debacle put the blame on Google for regularly releasing software patches on demand. Furthermore, owners are already anticipating the availability to fall at the beginning of each month.

Google is urging Pixel users who missed out on the December update to wait a little longer. Apparently, the upcoming patch will include both last month's and the January security patches in one file. Despite successfully selling the previous models, consumers are more hesitant to upgrade to the Pixel 4. There have been multiple shortcomings that make even the most loyal hold off from its purchase.

Problems include poor battery performance, clunky Motion Sense functionality, and security risk with its face unlock option. Sources claim that the upcoming patches do not include fixes for these issues. On the other hand, consumers might as well wait for the Pixel 4a, which is reportedly better than its flagship cousin.

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Sabrina Ellis, Google vice president of product management, introduces the new Google Pixel 4 smartphone during a Google launch event on October 15 GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Drew Angerer