The Trans-Siberian Railway's 100th anniversary is celebrated in the latest Google doodle that features a one-minute video featuring animated scenes along its journey. After a century, the railway still plays a major role in the Russian economy, conveying 250,000 containers a year.

Around 30% of Russia's exports are believed to be transported via this line and running through 5,771 miles, the railway is still considered the world's largest single track.

The whole journey from Moscow to Vladivostock takes around a week to complete, taking travellers through seven time zones.

It boasts of mountain views, arctic scenes and forests. It could cost around £500 but for those wishing for a more luxury travel arrangement, the Golden Eagle is available for as much as £10,000.

Tsar Nicholas II ordered in 1891 for the railway to be built between Moscow and Vladivostock, a port on Russian's eastern coast. It took over 26 years to build the line.

The railway track was built by up to 90,000 labourers including soldiers and convicts. The Telegraph noted that due to cost-cutting measures, some routes actually avoided cities.

Google's doodler Matt Cruickshank who travelled the Trans-Siberian Railway in April 2015 used his experience to breathe life into the doodle. "I felt compelled to echo the visual strength of Russian graphics coupled with a folk art style," he said.

The animation features Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings in C Major: Op. 48, II. Waltz performed by the Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra.

Google doodle
The railway track linking Moscow to Vladivostok