Google created a new doodle to observe the 155th anniversary of the birth of German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

Google has visualised the doodle in the form of waves with blue, green, red and yellow colours.

Hertz's experiments with the electromagnetic waves led to the major development of the wireless telegraph and the radio.

He is known for providing the clarification for the "electromagnetic theory of light".

The terms used to measure the radio frequencies such as hertz (Hz), kilohertz (kHz) and megahertz (MHz) are named after him.

Born in Hamburg, Hertz showed great interest in physics in his schooldays and was awarded PhD at the age of 22 on electromagnetic induction in rotating spheres. He later became the professor at Karlsruhe Technische Hochschule in 1885.

His studies on the electromagnetic waves led to the confirmation that electromagnetic waves could be transmitted and received.

He died in Bonn in 1894 and was buried in Ohlsdorf, Hamburg.