As the coronavirus health crisis continues with another wave of new infections, people are once again instructed to stay indoors. The internet has become a platform for all types of entertainment, which the whole family can enjoy. However, parents should continue to monitor their child's usage and restrict access to content that may not be appropriate for their age. For those who are in the Android ecosystem, Lenovo becomes the first brand to introduce the Kids Space feature on their tablets.

Unlike smartphones, which normally has a smaller screen, tablets have become the go-to entertainment device for people of all ages. In order to help parents or legal guardians control what minors in their care are exposed to, some tech companies have integrated a "kids mode" feature on their products.

Apple already has one, but Android users normally rely on third-party software to do so. Kids Space hopes to change that with its unique system that curates everything to encourage learning and enjoyment.

For now, Lenovo was able to strike a deal with the internet search group to include the service with their Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2 out of the box. It will eventually become available via an update for other Android devices, but Google did not specify an estimated timeframe as to when it will begin distribution.

"Whether it's animals or art projects, kids become little experts on the things they love. That's why Kids Space recommends quality content for your kid based on interests they choose. With the recommended content, kids can explore their latest fascinations in new and engaging ways. Kids can even customise their experience by creating their own character," wrote Google

Google has already initiated its campaign to give families with children a way to remotely manage their access. Family Link is a parental control system built into the operating system that gives users a comprehensive list of settings that can be applied to devices that have been registered under their accounts.

Google introduces Kids Space feature for Android
Kids Space will eventually become available for other Android devices, but Google did not specify an estimated timeframe as to when it will begin distribution. Photo: Google

The company apparently wants a more user-friendly alternative wherein users can quickly activate and deactivate parental controls. Kids Space does exactly that and automatically aggregates apps, videos, books, and more that will hopefully keep children entertained and stimulate their interests.