A few weeks ago, the tech industry was eagerly anticipating Google's answer to Apple and Samsung's flagship hardware. The iPhone 11 appeared to enjoy a warm reception, while the Galaxy Fold was met with mixed reviews. At the Made by Google 2019 event, the internet search company paraded its collection of new products, which was reportedly headlined by the Pixel 4. All of the features and gimmicks it came with piqued the interest of consumers. However, one of the caveats, as highlighted by experts, is allegedly turning into a subject of contention among users.

It seems that most of the tech journalists who have spent some time using the smartphone as their daily drivers are coming up with similar criticisms. Perhaps the most glaring issue boils down to the poor battery life. Despite marketing the Pixel 4 as a significant update over its predecessor, users are apparently complaining its underwhelming usage time.

Why I think Google Pixel 4 is a failed smartphone:

1. Bad battery life
2. No ultrawide camera
3. Only 64/128GB storage options
4. Motion Sense - irrelevant, useless, faulty garbage
5. Face Unlock: works even if your eyes are closed
6. 90Hz don't always work
7. Huge top bezel

— Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) October 23, 2019

A product review from The Guardian pointed out all of the good things about it, which were regrettably marred by its small battery capacity. Some sources stated the fact that most premium models sporting new features and functions often make up for it with a bigger battery.

As manufacturers upgrade components such as displays, audio, sensors and others, the device's power requirements should be taken into account as well. Majority of modern flagship handsets can operate close to almost a day with moderate usage. On the other hand, testing shows the Pixel 4 will require charging in between. Nevertheless, the XL version supposedly fares a little better than the smaller model.

I'm still finding the Pixel 4 XL battery life better than I expected given the negative reviews. On WiFi in particular it really sips the juice. Not killed it in a day yet, and I'd class myself as a fairly heavy user. About right for the battery size I'd say?

— Paul O'Brien (@PaulOBrien) October 29, 2019

A common observation from analysts suggests Google's engineers were probably too focused on the imaging performance of the new device. In fact, the Pixel series is notably lauded for its ability to take exceptional photos. Ever since the first model came out, the brand has stuck with a single shooter. It is likely that the company wanted to double down on what it does best and upgraded into a dual-camera system.

google's pixel 4 phone has great battery life if you disable all of the new features

— Eric Budd (@ericmbudd) October 29, 2019

Battery life is not the only gripe users have about the Pixel 4. There are complaints about how storage size maxes out at 128 GB. Then there are those who are disappointed with the absence of a USB Type-C to 3.5 mm headset adapter. If consumers are willing to overlook any of these problems, then Google's new smartphones might be a good upgrade.

Google Pixel 4 Smartphones
Google has touted Motion Sense as a key feature of its new Pixel 4 smartphones AFP / Johannes EISELE