If rumours making the rounds online are anything to go by, Google's maiden smartwatch will break cover at the Made by Google event. The American tech firm will be hosting the event on October 6, where it will probably reveal more details about its much-awaited smart wearable dubbed Pixel Watch.

However, reliable tipsters are not waiting until the details are officially announced. As a result, some vital pieces of information about the smart wearable have already surfaced online. Moreover, the latest leaks have given us a glimpse into the Pixel Watch's awe-inspiring design.

An official-looking Coral Active band and a bezel case for the Pixel Watch have popped up on the internet. The first rumour surrounding a purported Coral Active band for the smartwatch emerged in September. Now, an alleged Coral Active band has been spotted in a Google Store email. Notably, this email is about the new wired Nest Doorbell announcement.

The band is redder and darker than what past leaks suggested. Also, the band matches the watch face's seconds and hour hands. The image appears at the end of the promo message. The product is accompanied by the caption, "Meet the latest from Google." This phrase seems to imply the Pixel 7 series duo and the Pixel Watch have already been announced.

So, it is safe to assume that the new Doorbell, Nest Wifi Pro, and Chromecast with Google TV (HD) were slated to launch at the Made by Google event. However, the company decided to launch these products last month for whatever reason. Interestingly, Google made big Nest hardware and software announcements a couple of days before the launch event.

To recap, Google had hinted at the unveiling of Nest products at the event not long ago. In the meantime, third-party accessories for Google's first smartwatch have now been listed on Amazon. Moreover, Ringke will reportedly launch a Bezel Styling that adds stainless steel elements to the Pixel Watch.

The popular case maker claims the Bezel Styling will protect the watch from scratches and dust that gather over a period of time. Also, Ringke suggests the case will protect Pixel Watch from cracks due to impacts. This accessory will feature a cutout for the crown. Lastly, it will attach using a "cushioned double-side type."

The Google name is displayed outside the company's office in London Reuters / Toby Melville