The regular morning routine at Madrid Zoo, Spain was disrupted on Sunday, September 27 when one of the zookeepers became the victim of a vicious animal attack. The 29-year-old male gorilla named Malabo reportedly broke through three doors before viciously attacking the zookeeper. Alerted by the incident, other zoo staff restrained and tranquillised the animal. The injured woman was rushed to a hospital where she is now recovering from her traumatic injuries. The Municipal Police of Madrid is investigating the incident.

Shortly after 10 am local time, the experienced zookeeper was in the gorilla enclosure doing the morning routine of feeding the animals and cleaning the enclosure. Three doors were supposed to separate the 46-year-old from the gorillas. However, Malabo reportedly managed to get through the gates to reach the caretaker who had helped raise him.

The 200-kilogram animal proceeded to grab and furiously shake the victim. The commotion alerted other staff members. They rushed to save their colleague. Malabo was eventually driven away by other zookeepers using fire extinguishers. He was finally tranquillised and taken back into the enclosure to recover from the sedation.

Emergency services were alerted of the incident. Paramedics arrived at the zoo and provided emergency medical care to the victim. After her condition was stabilised, she was rushed to Madrid Clinical Hospital, The Sun reported. The victim sustained a head injury, chest trauma, multiple fractures and both her arms are broken.

.@SAMUR_PC traslada grave al Clínico a una cuidadora del Zoo de 46 años que ha sido atacada por un gorila. @policiademadrid se ha hecho cargo de la investigación del accidente.

— Emergencias Madrid (@EmergenciasMad) September 27, 2020

The zoo released a statement wishing for the employee's speedy recovery. They believed that the keeper who has 19-years of experience had startled Malabo while he was eating. Being protective of his territory and group, the startled animal lashed out. Since the attack, the animal has been kept away from the public to let him calm down. The gorilla enclosure was also closed to the public.

The incident has been reported as a work accident and is being investigated by the police to find out how the animal got through the three doors.

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29-year-old male gorilla viciously attacked zookeeper who helped raise him. (representational image)