What's next on Gotham Fox

Gotham aired its season 1 finale on Monday, 4 May, which featured the death of Fish Mooney. What's next on the Batman prequel series? Show creator Bruno Heller shared what fans can expect from season 2.

"Mobsters were the first stage of Gotham's criminal history. They gradually die out and have their places taken by the more spectacular villains," explained Heller about setting the stage for season 2. (via Deadline)

When it comes to ruling the city's underworld, "that's a very specific job description", stated Heller, also revealing that Edward Nygma aka The Riddler "will be a larger, more villainous character in Season 2".

The executive producer also hinted at The Joker's role in season 2 - a step that is sure to please fans. As per Heller, "a very big villain arriving in Season 2, one who doesn't want to run Gotham but destroy it".

That villain almost seems certain to be The Joker, who the series creator mentioned at Deadline's Awardsline screening of the Gotham finale on 29 April. "We're going to answer a lot of questions about The Joker that were raised this season," he said.

Talking about the season finale, Heller explained that Fish's murder was vital to the end of season 1. "She's such a domineering, powerful, imperious person that Penguin can't possibly be the crime lord in Gotham while Fish is around, especially if she has anything to say about it," he said. (via Deadline)

Heller however teased that this may not be the last we've seen of Fish Mooney. "This is Gotham, and death isn't a barrier to return (for its characters)...I'm not saying that she'll definitely return."