Arrow star Stephen Amell loves to tease spoilers, especially at Comic-Cons. No wonder the actor recently hinted at some interesting developments that may take place in the future.

During his panel at Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days over the weekend, Amell confirmed that more, new DC Comics characters will be headed to his CW show. The actor also spoke about potential crossovers with other DC superhero shows like Constantine, Gotham and the upcoming, Supergirl. (via ComicBook)

"It would be interesting. I was saying this earlier. It would be interesting to cross over with Constantine, only because he knows a lot about the Lazarus Pit, which is something that we've introduced in the show this year," Amell told his audience.

"It would be cool to crossover with Supergirl because it's something with Greg Berlanti, who's the helmer and sort of the brain trust or the centre of the brain trust of Arrow and The Flash and I know so many of the people that are involved in the production of that show so that would be really interesting."

Amell also expressed an interest in a crossover with Gotham regardless of the fact that it's set in an earlier time than Arrow.

"Gotham would be a tough one, just because I think they're out in a different time but the crossover with The Flash was so much fun and did so well that I can't imagine a world -- a universe, no pun intended -- where that didn't happen and continue to happen all the time."

Maybe the whole time-travel plot in The Flash can be incorporated into Arrow wherein Oliver travels to the past and ends up helping detective Gordon fight one of the menacing Batman villains!

Amell went on to reveal that fans will see more DC characters beyond The Atom and the Suicide Squad, but he said only "Yup" when asked, and didn't name any in particular.

You can check out the video below: