Greek ministers have agreed to cut the minimum wage. In return, they will recieve a bailout worth 130 billion euros, as Eurozone finance chiefs fight to keep Greece from defaulting on its debts. The move will reduce monthly paypackets for the lowest paid, taking minimum wage earners in the private sector from 750 euros a month to 550 euros. Cafe worker Antonis Kalamaras is anxious. "Clearly we are worried about our income (being reduced), but also because the income of our customers is going to be reduced, as we are a simple tavern, our customers are not shipowners and politicians but wage earners, pensioners, workers and students eat here. My income will be cut, then the income of the tavern will go down, and so we will all go two steps backwards". Half of all young Greeks are unemployed. Those that manage to find work will see their wages slashed by 32%.11