Will Cristina die in Grey's Anatomy Season 10 finale?
Will Cristina die in Grey's Anatomy Season 10 finale? ABC

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 finale titled Fear (of the Unknown) airs tonight ( 15 May) and the episode promises to be high on drama with some major shockers, in true Grey's style.

The synopsis for Grey's Anatomy Season 10 episode 24 reads: "In the 10th season finale, Cristina's co-workers give her a fond send-off. Meanwhile, a possible terrorist act occurs in Seattle and leads to pandemonium at the hospital; Meredith makes a life-altering choice; and a doctor gets alarming news."

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The episode will also be available on ABC's official website, for free, the very next day. You can click here to watch.

The theme of the final two episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season 10 is 'Farewell to Cristina,' reports Breathecast. Rumours have been suggesting her exit would be a massive drama point for the show and could result in her untimely death.

A promo suggests that Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) finally makes a decision regarding the offer from Preston Bruke (Isaiah Washington) and it devastates Owen (Kevin McKidd).

In the finale, she is supposed to leave for good, but there is a possible terrorist attack in Seattle that could stand in her way. Unaware of her character Cristina's fate, when Oh spoke to TV Guide — she only had one request in her mind: "I hope I don't die," she said. "That's all I hope."

Although Oh is leaving the show, it remains to be seen if the show's writer Shonda Rhimes will allow Cristina to leave alive.

The deaths of primary characters Mark Solan (Eric Dane) and Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) in previous episodes were defining moments in the series.