Grey's Anatomy season 12
Arizona and Callie's emotional legal battle for Sofia's custody brought tears to many fans ABC

After the heartbreaking custody battle between Callie and Arizona, Grey's Anatomy season 12 will return on ABC with another emotional episode featuring the aftermath of the judge's decision. The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are currently dealing with their difficult personal issues while handling complicated medical cases and the pre-finale will explore their emotional circumstances

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The previous episode saw Jackson and April getting friendlier and discussing their baby's future as responsible parents. They also pledged not to fight while deciding the custody of their child. The scenes from the last episode raised fans' hopes for a Japril reunion.

"They definitely have hope. I think, as long as they're alive, they're going to have hope because they care deeply about each other. I would be hard-pressed to ever say the slate is wiped completely clean," Jesse Williams told TVLine.

The couple were torn apart after their first child's death and in the current season decided to part ways in order to stop their constant fights. Later it was revealed that April was pregnant with their second baby and the news changed their equation.

"Jackson and April know each other better than I think anybody else in this world. They've been through so much and have seen each other at their highs and their lows. So even though they're divorced, they're still clearly each other's person. Even if they were to move on in some form or fashion, that's still the person that you know most intimately. There's certainly a magnetic draw physically between them," he added.

According to the description of the penultimate episode At Last, there will be plenty of couple moments including Callie and Arizona's struggle after the latter was given Sophia's custody.

However, the spotlight will be on Owen and Amelia, who are enjoying their post-reunion romantic time. "Owen decides he's going to take a huge step, that kind of leads them into a conversation about 'What is the future for us'?" Kevin McKidd (Owen) told TVLine, while teasing some "really beautiful and romantic" between the two in the upcoming episode.

The synopsis reads: Owen and Amelia take their relationship to the next level; Alex gains some clarity on his future with Jo and Callie and Arizona continue to struggle with the current custody arrangement.

Grey's Anatomy season 12 episode 23 will air on 12 May at 8/7pm CT on ABC network.