Steven Universe
Steven Universe is currently on a hiatus Cartoon Network

Fans of Steven Universe are eagerly waiting for the animation series to premiere its third season and a recent trailer released by Cartoon Network reveals a lot about the plot of the show. The premiere episode is titled "Super Watermelon Island" and the promo reveals grave danger on planet Earth and Peridot, the recently inducted Crystal Gem, takes the responsibility of saving the world along with Steven.

But she doesn't seem too happy on shouldering the responsibilities and asks the half-human and half-gem boy the whereabouts of Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst. He replies that they are stuck on some other island and the duty of saving the world is upon both of them.

"Am I the only one who understands the meaning of teamwork?" shouts the former Homeworld gem, while warning that they need to act fast to stop the Clusters before they are formed by drilling the centre of the Earth.

The Clusters are a whole new generation of artificially fused Gem shards that are germinating in the Earth's core since thousands of years. But if they take their full form, they will emerge from the core and this in turn will translate into the end of the world.

Chances are high that the Yellow Diamond, who is angry at Peridot's inclusion in the Crystal Gems family, has something to do with the looming disaster. Previously, the former Homeworld gem had a huge showdown with the matriarchs regarding destroying the Clusters and after the fight Peridot left her world and joined Steven's team.

This dangerous mission will decide not only the future of the world but also the future of Steven, the only male in Crystal Gems, as this will be his first risky mission.

In a previous clip, the Yellow Diamond vowed to destroy Earth and it is possible that she will try everything to stop the duo from reaching the Earth's core and stopping the Clusters from germinating.

Steven Universe season 3 premieres on 12 May on Cartoon Network.