Grey's Anatomy season 12
Maggie reveals her crush for Nathan Riggs before her half-sister Meredith ABC

The season 12 finale episode of Grey's Anatomy ended with emotional yet bittersweet moments. Ben helped April deliver her baby in an emergency caesarean on Meredith's kitchen table and this time, his actions saved two lives. The moment also opened doors for Jackson and April's future as they are now proud parents.

Amelia and Owen also got married after initial hiccups on the wedding day. But it was not entirely a happy day for all doctors at Grey's Sloan as Jo and Alex hit another rough patch after the former revealed her secret and opened up about her abusive husband from who she has been hiding by using a fake name.

But the most important and sad part of the episode was Dr Callie Torres's exit from the show. She finally moved to New York along with Penny, but before moving, she was surprised by Arizona, who offered her custody of their daughter Sofia. "Sofia deserves two happy moms," Arizona said to her former partner.

The finale set the stage for season 13 of the hit ABC medical drama. Apart from the Japril equation, going further, fans may get to witness a love triangle that involves Meredith, her half-sister Maggie, and Nathan Riggs.

Until the finale, Riggs and Mer were all over each other and it was assumed that their romantic equation will go unchallenged. But in the final scene, Maggie told her sister about her crush on him.

Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) has teased that this will lead to a rift between the sisters, but her character has nothing to worry about. "Maggie has a crush on him and thinks she wants to pursue him," Pompeo told Entertainment Weekly. "So Riggs isn't something anyone can know about, so it's very safe for Meredith because there's no danger there of ever betraying the one great love of her life and falling in love with him."

The actress also revealed that for the time being Mer would keep her romance a secret from her little sister. "There will be some dramatic moments. It'll be a secret that Meredith has to keep, which will be good stuff to play."

It remains to be seen how the two sisters will deal with the unwanted love triangle they are trapped in. Created by Shonda Rhimes, ABC is yet to announce the premiere date for Grey's Anatomy season 13.