Grimm Season 4
Grimm Season 4 episode 7, Christmas special episode airs today NBC

NBC's supernatural show Grimm returns with a special Christmas episode today, 5th December at 9:00 pm EST.

The seventh episode is titled The Grimm Who Stole Christmas, where Christmas cheer comes to a halt when a menacing threat invades Portland.

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The episode synopsis reads:

In the preview released, Monroe surprises his wife, Rosalee with a cute note inviting her on a honeymoon vacation. However, as soon as she agrees to go, a toy train falls off the track. Although the newlyweds try to disregard it as an omen, it seems safe to assume that the sign is indeed one.

Another teaser video reveals that little Wesens known as Kallikantzaroiis will haunt the residents of Portland and ruin all festivities and seasonal decorations.

Rosalee and Juliette try to keep a trio of Kallikantzaroi from destroying Monroe's Christmas decorations.

Another promo also teased Nick and Juliette's new addition to the Grimm family.

The voice over says, "Juliette has a surprise of her own, could she be having a little one" which cuts to a shot of Rosalee asking Juliette: "Are you pregnant?"