NBC has released some promotional pictures for Grimm season 5 midseason premiere episode, which hints at Nick Burkhardt and Adalind Schade getting close. Episode 7, titled Eve of Destruction, will air on 22 January 2016.

The picture shows the Grimm and Adalind, who is also the mother of his child, in an almost kissing situation. Is there love brewing between the former enemies? Given that they are living together, there is a possibility of that.

Series co-creators James Kouf and David Greenwalt talked about Nick and Adalind's relationship in an interview with TV Line. Greenwalt said: "[The Nick-Adalind relationship] is going to have a life of its own without the Juliette/Eve [aspect], because they have a kid." Kouf maintained: "But there's a lot of other complicated things that are going on that will determine how that relationship works out."

The show will pick up from where the midseason finale left off — the aftermath of Bitsie Tulloch's arrival as Eve. She is described as a "super Hexenbiest weapon" working with Hadrian's Wall.

Greenwalt dished on Eve's return and revealed: "But to keep my word, [Juliette] is dead. She's coming back, but it's not really Juliette anymore. It's this new character, Eve, who has not been brainwashed exactly, but she's been through some incredibly tough training where they broke her down to nothing. She's basically a super Hexenbiest weapon for Hadrian's Wall to fight Black Claw."

"She has a big scene with Nick in Episode 7, and she's just a completely different person who doesn't even relate to Juliette anymore — because, to her, Juliette's dead." he added.