AMC has released new promotional images for Better Call Saul season 2 featuring Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) and Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks). The new season will premiere on 15 February 2016 at 10pm ET.

The first image shows Jimmy in a dapper suit with Mike in an elevator, while another picture shows the lawyer sitting in his chair with his feet up and a faint smile playing on his lips. Jimmy looks pensive while staring at the colourful shirts and coats in his closets in another promotional image.

Filming for season 2 has wrapped and showrunner Peter Gould teased what is next in store for Jimmy in Better Call Saul's upcoming season.

Gould told Yahoo TV: "I think the biggest single decision was to let Jimmy's character create the spine of the show. It means that we ended up with a show, Season 1 and Season 2, which is totally unpredictable."

"In Season 1 especially, there were some episodes that were so dark and some that were so light. They were right next to each other. That was something that scared us, but I'm so glad that we proceeded with that. I'm even happier that the audience went along with us on the ride," he added.

The series creator teased that he is excited about season 2. "I have to say, at the risk of repeating myself, it surprised us in a good way. We're real excited about the season. We like it an awful lot."

Gould added that the upcoming season will build up on the decisions made by the show's lead characters in the pilot season. "So much of what happens in Season 2 is wrapped up in the DNA of the decisions the characters made in Season 1. That's one of the things that makes it, hopefully, feel like a united whole," he teased.

Season 1 of Breaking Bad spinoff series ended with Jimmy walking away from a job offer at a law firm as he vows to Mike that his days of playing the game straight are over. The finale hinted at introducing a more sleazy version of Jimmy and draws close to Saul Goodman in season 2.

Showrunner Gould teased that Jimmy's ability to bounce back will be tested. He said "He's [Jimmy] unstoppable. We always talk about that round bottom clown that kids have, that [toy] where you can hit it in the face and he pops right back up. That's Jimmy. He gets knocked down, but he always pulls himself back up. I agree with Bob. That's one of the things that's most endearing about him. That ability to bounce back is going to be tested in Season 2."

When asked if the fans get to see a glimpse of Saul in Jimmy in season 2, Peter said: "Saul is like Jimmy in that sense. He's always searching for another way to get to his destination. If strategy A doesn't work, he moves very quickly through strategy B, right through Z. But Saul is distinct from Jimmy... he really doesn't draw as many lines morally. He's willing to look at possibilities that I don't think Jimmy McGill, especially Season 1 Jimmy McGill, would even consider."