GTA 5 1.14 Hipster DLC: Dubsta 6x6 vs Sandking XL - Fastest Monster Truck Showdown
GTA 5 1.14 Hipster DLC: Dubsta 6x6 vs Sandking XL - Fastest Monster Truck Showdown Rockstar Games

Renowned GTA 5 tipsters, DomisLive (aka Dom) and iCrazyTeddy, have teamed up together to test drive the fastest monster truck in a one-on-one race between newly released Dubsta 6x6 and older Sandking XL in GTA Online.

As Dom reports, the entire race is captured live with running commentary with the two veteran GTA 5 gamers taking on each other on a straight stretch spanning the entire runway itself.

Quite surprisingly, the Dubsta 6x6 beats the Sandking XL by a thumping margin, thanks to its superior engine dynamics in comparison with the Sandking XL.

The boost that Dom achieves with the Dubsta is quite evident as the Sandking is unable to catch up with it for remainder of the race.

The tipster admits that he did not use any mods or cheats in this race to achieve the boost. However, one should consider the half-second advantage that Dom exploits citing the lag with Xbox consoles.

In the later part of the video, the two tipsters show off some funny moments amid a crazy cop chase, while iCrazyTeddy sets up a lethal gas leak that almost kills Dom while trying to get into the Sandking for a return one-on-one racing challenge between the two monster trucks.

Quite strangely, the doors to the Sandking also remains locked, as it is quite evident that iCrazyTeddy must have installed some hideous mods on it, just to prevent theft of his vehicle.

It is later realised that Dom was the one who called up the cops through his in-game mobile phone in retaliation against iCrazyTeddy's teargas trap (referred as poison).

The return racing challenge yet again proves that Dubsta is way faster than the old Sandking XL as iCrazyTeddy just applauds the insane boost he gets for the full course of the race.

The scales seem heavily tilted in favour of Dubsta given its smaller body with 3-Axle configuration and a powerful engine, while the Sandking XL is handicapped with the bigger body frame and an older engine running with 2-Axle wheel configuration.