GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Shares Inspired Fan Photos of Famous Hollywood Rides and Mock Adverts [PHOTOS]

For players who have been trying to transfer their cars, modded or not, from the single player mode of GTA 5 to GTA Online, there is a brand new glitch from Gta5Cheats.

The method requires players to set spawn lcoation to "last lcoation", and ensure that they have no personal vehicles outside their garage. It then involves a visit to the nearest Los Santos Customs. There the players need to stand outside and then they are required to pause the game, go "online" and select "Leave GTA Online".

Players will then return to the game's Story Mode and will have to mod the vehicle, switch to Franklin and modify the vehicle at his LSC at Sandy Shores.

Next, they will have to begin an invite-only session of GTA Online. After a few more steps, the players will have to manually sign out of the PSN network. After following a few more similar steps, the players can complete the process.

The entire step-by-step guide can be found over here.

Previous Glitches

Previous glitches had taken advantage of some of the game's loopholes, allowing players to duplicate cars and sell them for infinite amounts of in-game money or GTA$.

Cheaters Beware

Rockstar has been going down hard on cheaters in GTA Online over the last month. The game's economy has been filled with an abundance of illegal cash, thereby ruining the balance and equilibrium that encourages competitive online play.

Apart from simply removing cash from player's accounts, the company has also been banning players and sending them into exile on the game's cheater lobby.