For players looking to level up quickly on GTA 5, there is now a new variant of an old trick that will help you do just that.

For several months now, gamers have been creating missions on GTA Online that allow gamers to quickly and senselessly harvest RP by killing NPCs or fellow players.

The system usually arms one of the players in the mission with powerful and quick weapons while the other players or NPCs are spawned nearby in such a way that they can be shot instantly after being spawned.

Today, we discuss one such mission that allows for an extremely quick RP build up. The method involves killing countless NPCs as they charge you with knives. Players will need another friend in order to play the mission and both members can acquire solid amounts of RP. Check out the method and the mission in the video below.

In other GTA 5 related news, gamers have now come out with a method for players to acquire Trevor's rare Teddy Bear truck in GTA Online. The car can be modified and brought into GTA Online for free from GTA 5.

The method prescribed in the video requires gamers to get the car from Single Player by backing out at the right moment. Yes, it has been fixed by Rockstar, but there's a new method to get it done in the video below and it involves playing a simple twenty second mission to make the glitch work.