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For a long time now, gamers have been desperate for news on the PC version of GTA 5. The game's publisher, Rockstar, has been silent about the matter and has refrained from offering any information so far. There's .even some speculation that Rockstar might not release a version of the game for PCs.

A group of GTA 4 modders have started working a project that aims to recreate the GTA 5 map in the PC version of the game. The team first released a demo video of their work.

However, the group is saying that the video wasn't quite ready for public consumption but it was leaked.

"It leaked early, I had to prematurely post a video of it. As you can see in the video nothing is pretty, bugs everywhere, but it was never meant to release now".

Have a look at the video and you'd notice that the conversion has come out rather well, leaving only a few rough edges that will require polishing.

The group released two more videos today and the game looks rather wonderful and well done, with many significant improvements when compared to previous versions.

Both videos can be found below.

The first one shows the GTA V level of detail map and is rather interesting but is far from perfect.

The second video goes on to showcase some of the GTA V vehicles which have been recreated for GTA. These include the Car 1, GTA V police cruiser, GTA V Police Buffalo, and GTA V 2nd Gen Vapid as LCC Taxi. Expect more and more vehicles to be released in the near future.

By now, it goes without saying that Rockstar has understood that GTA 5 for PC will be a very good idea since fans are desperate to get their hands on the game, so desperate that they are willing to recreate it by themselves.