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GTA 5 Modded MOney Lobby Rockstar Games

In what comes as a rare situation, gamers on GTA 5 are extremely desperate for bug, glitch and mod fixes on GTA Online. The game has been plagued with several modder-created problems. It is widely believed that apart from offering new content, Rockstar will ensure that the GTA 5 1.16 update fixes these issues.

The first issue on that list is the Block Garage mod which causes massive objects to drop into a player's garage on GTA Online. This in turn renders their vehicles immovable. The issue stems from a mod that infects other users who enter specific lobbies of the infected player. The mod has an infinite loop of infection and has started spreading very rapidly on GTA Online, blocking garages of several thousands of players. How does the mod work? Check out our explanation here.

Next comes the God Mode glitch, which happens to be a game breaking problem on GTA Online. This is easily one of the most talked about issues on most social media platforms that discuss GTA 5. Several YouTubers have also claimed that their subscribers and viewers have complained about this issue constantly.

In the past, Rockstar has fixed the God Mode glitch on multiple occasions. However, gamers always find new methods to use God Mode by discovering new bugs. It goes without saying that Rockstar is working on a fix for the latest version of this bug as we speak.

The third issue happens to be the one related to money lobbies. For the uninitiated, modders usually drop money on the ground in a modded lobby. Players can pick this money up and make their own. However, Rockstar is now taking serious action against gamers who do pick up the money, with many of them being banned.

On the Xbox, Microsoft has been serving players with two week bans for committing these offences. A month-long ban is handed to those who commit the offence for a second time.